Mr. Salim Ghauri is a renowned IT Entrepreneur recognized globally today. He is the founder & CEO of NetSol Technologies (1996).

He is also the author of his book “Ghauri”. His Interest in IT over years of IT expertise developed at Saudi Arabia and Australia in his previous years, urged an entrepreneurial thrust for his motivation. During his foreign experiences he direly felt a need of his skills for contribution in Pakistani IT sector. This motivation was a sense of patriotism intrinsically found in Mr. Salim Ghauri, who envisioned a dream of Pakistan having its own leading IT platform. Showing the patriotic energy led to the founding of NetSol Technologies which over decades is today the only CMMI Level 5 organization in the country is a major asset of Salim Ghauri. As a result, NetSol Technologies is a fine example of his vision to help Pakistan actualize its potential as a leading global IT destination and Mr. Salim Ghauri as its pioneer.

NetSol achieved a global recognition as a leading supplier of IT software and solutions of finance and leasing; capturing over 90% percent of the Chinese Auto Leasing market. NetSol is recognized as “First Rate and Best Selling Finance and Leasing Solution Provider” for Third Consecutive Year in China on 17th June 2015. His commitment to driving product excellence in Lease Soft helped it win the prestigious Asia Pacific ICT Alliance (APICTA) award for “Best Financial Industry Application” in 2007. Salim’s leadership gained immense value for NetSol becoming the first and only Pakistani company trading on NASDAQ since 1999. NetSol is also dual-listed for trading on the Dubai International Financial Exchange (DIFX) under the symbol NTWK.


His dedication is not only defined to NetSol, yet again as an entrepreneur his services are expanding daily to the global regions. At present, the Honorary Consul of Australia for Punjab and in addition, he has chaired the Federal Government’s ICT Task Force. Currently and previously, Mr. Salim Ghauri has been called various times by the Prime Ministers and Presidents of Pakistan for his valuable contributions in the IT sector of Pakistan.

He has been lauded by PM Nawaz Sharif, Shaukat Aziz, Awais Khan Leghari, Dr. Maleeha Lodhi to name a few. Salim Ghauri Listed some prominent recognition awards including the 8th Teradata National IT Excellence Award from Senator Raza Rabbani, Leader of the House in Senate. He also lifted the valuable FPCCI’s Best IT Export Performance Award 2007-2008 from the Prime Minister. Salim Ghauri is a continuous Contributor to Planning Commission’s Vision 2025.

Salim Ghauri is passionate about working hand in hand with the people of Pakistan

The mainstream IT hubs and software assets recognize Mr. Salim Ghauri as the top notch contributor and leading IT entrepreneur. He has served as a Former Chairman of Pakistan Software Houses Association for IT and ITES (P@SHA). P@SHA was initiated by a number of software houses in an attempt to create a functional trade association for the IT industry in Pakistan. Moreover, Salim has acclaimed awards like BEST IT/ITES Employer award, Best E-Government & Services Award Pakistan, Best Revenue and Gender Diversity Award under P@SHA. Another major contribution includes American Business Forum (ABF). Salim Ghauri acted as the Former President of ABF. It was formed by responsible group heads of companies in November 2008 to serve as a high level platform for facilitating American Businesses in Pakistan where they can interact and better understand the business challenges. Salim Ghauri is an inspiration to millions of Pakistani youngsters, who not only look unto him as an IT expert but also as a motivational entrepreneur.

His success story receives a tremendous appreciation and Salim Ghauri is often invited by the high esteemed organizations and prestigious institutions for his entrepreneurial sessions. He has also served as the President of TiE Lahore which is the biggest entrepreneurial nonprofit organizations in Silicon Valley dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship globally. Being an energetic man, Salim Ghauri is amiable to all those young teenagers who often meet him as a friend and a motivator. Salim Ghauri personifies that friend who will guide you in the right path. He is often seen involved in welfare and social activities. Among the rural and urban areas, Salim Ghauri is keen to look at the local community and their trends. He is often observed visiting various educational institutions both rural and urban, to guide and motivate people. In order to give back to the society, Salim Ghauri is passionate about working hand in hand with the people of Pakistan to give back something to this nation in the IT and Business sector.