More About me From Nothing to Everything


More About me From Nothing to Everything


More About me From Nothing to Everything
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Salim Ghauri

He was told, it’s risky. He told himself, you can. Now he tells everyone, he did. The existence of a mere idea, today is Pakistan’s Leading Software Solution Provider. He, is the Founder of this IT revolution, he is the Founder & CEO of NETSOL Technologies.

He is Salim Ghauri.


“The story of NETSOL is a fascinating tale which can be told and retold without making it lose its charm”

(From Nothing to Everything)

After an office of merely six hundred square feet, the foundation of NETSOL’s headquarters was laid in an awe inspiring stretch of land. The building evolved with our evolving business. Once it was a 4 people squad, today I am backed by a whole army. They are the brains behind every project and the experts of every success. I stand proud between them and I look up with them to where it’s written, NETSOL.


Challa is a wanderer, an explorer, a seeker who seizes every moment while cherishing life.

Wisdom Thoughts

What I have learnt, what I have gained-it is to impart. I see eager eyes and curious minds seeking millions of answers from me. I talk to them to fulfill their learning appetite. They want to be inspired, but I tell them to aspire.


MOU Agreement with Million Smiles Foundation

Date: 14 July 2021
Location NETSOL Campus

Economic Dimension ICAP CFO Conference

Date: 24 May 2021
Location Virtual Conference

APWA Her Mentor Galore

Date: 23 January 2021
Location Gulberg Lahore