Technology and Its Impact In The Last Five Years

Technology and Its Impact In The Last Five Years

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Over the last few years, the uplift in the technology revolution has opened platforms for many other revolutions. The evolution of technology has enabled people to communicate, build social connections and spread awareness around the globe. In this era, the evolution of technology has enabled people, especially youth of every nation, to get self-employed and become entrepreneurs.
Twenty years back, where technology was in its introductory phase, communication was the biggest challenge. There were no job opportunities available; people had to roam around to find jobs. Now technology has evolved itself to such an extent that it has become the core part of every individual’s daily routine.

Digital transformation has now become a reality for the world. It has enabled entrepreneurs and business professionals to integrate digital technology in all business areas, enabling people to change their working ways. Every industry has now digitized most of its operations, enabling the experts to achieve their goals effectively and efficiently. Following are some significant developments that have been observed due to the evolution of technology in the past five years:

Cloud Technology

Cloud computing has now become a reality in this world. Five years back, people had a minimal idea about cloud computing and how it enables companies to deliver quality services. Now, cloud technology has made it easy for businesses, especially startups, to deliver value to their customers effectively and efficiently.

Introduction of AI

Within the last five years, IT has experienced inventing many new tools that have enabled professionals to run analytics on data that can be fetched automatically by these tools. The introduction of Artificial Intelligence has made it easy to perform many tasks at the same time. It has replaced human roles for planning, problem-solving, and forecasting future trends resulting in more accurate and inch-perfect results.

Technology and Pandemic

The evolution of technology has also affected business processes positively, especially in the current era of the pandemic, where technology has played a vital role in running all the business operations for every industry around the globe smoothly. Five years back, the concept of working from home did not even exist. But the pandemic has revolutionized this concept. Working from home has now become the new normal for all the companies. Technology has not only enabled businesses to digitize their operations during the pandemic, but it has enabled educational institutions to conduct online sessions with the students, which was just a vague thought five years back. If we have come across this pandemic twenty years back, the whole world would have shut down because the only reason we have survived this pandemic is the continuous evolution of technology.

Technology has evolved itself ever since the introduction of the first computer. The future holds a lot more regarding technology that still needs to unfold. Being an IT guru, I believe that the future is a lot more exciting and technology has a lot more to offer than it is offering now. Let’s wait for it!

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