CEO Life – My Take on Work Life Balance

CEO Life – My Take on Work Life Balance



Having become the CEO of a successful entrepreneurial venture, now an established name that is known globally, may be perceived and looked at by many with envy. And rightfully so because it is a significant milestone. But it goes without saying that every success in life comes at a cost. Being a CEO may look fancy but I am afraid to say that in reality, it is not quite the same. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes. Because this role means that not only am I responsible for my career, but also of all those who work for me. Which warrants that I must always be on top of my game.

Why is Work-Life Balance Important?

I owe equal commitment to both my work life and personal life. I also have the roles of a son, a husband and a father. As humans, we sometimes may give all our attention to something that we are passionate about, while neglecting the other completely, which isn’t fair to everyone involved. Thankfully, the work-life balance phenomenon is now well-know in the business industry and in one way or another, has made us realize how crucial it is to maintain work-life balance because after all, professional success is incomplete without personal success.

My Approach

Every CEO has their own way of maintaining this rather delicate balance between professional and personal lives. Likewise, I have my own and I am going to share it with all of you.
Effective Time Management
First and foremost, effective time management is a crucial skill in mastering work-life balance. Getting your priorities right, knowing your strengths and weaknesses, knowing the difference between being ambitious and over ambitious, planning beforehand and having realistic goals are important to acquire this skill. Once in place, you have little difficulty taking the reins of your life in your hands.

Find Your Rhythm
I believe that the work-life balance is different for different people. Some people spend most of their time working and even relish it. While there are others who like engaging in extra-curricular activities or others still who like to sleep it off. What is important is what you acknowledge your personal needs to avoid burning out and consequently being resentful.

Recharge When Possible
It is hard to ever have a long-term getaway but here is what I do to make up for it. I sneak in those little opportunities that I encounter from day to day. Inviting friends and relatives over for a good, hearty time, even if it is for a few hours, taking my family and friends out for a good time whenever an opportunity presents itself. The key is to be on the look-out for one.

A Break from Technology
This one is popular amongst the millennial circuit. But I find it very handy too. When taking a break from work, take a break from technology too. Put away your phone and laptop and completely immerse into your surroundings and people. Whether it is reading, dinner with family or taking your dog out for a walk. Be present.

We live in a hyper-capitalist world, yes. Being successful in life is important, yes. Bur so is being happy and motivated. It is also important to remember to not let life just pass you by. This is your one time shot. While I encourage that you invest as much time in achieving professional goals as you’d like, remember that there is more to life than just your job and professional goals.

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